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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus - Download HSS Live Plus One Hindi Syllabus PDF

HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus - Free PDF download of HSS LIVE Hindi Class 11 Syllabus as per Kerala Board guidelines. Visit online hsslive.co.in to clear doubts and download the complete Syllabus for Class 11 HSSLIVE Hindi Syllabus to prepare for your Examinations.

HSS LIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus - PDF Download Free 

HSS LIVE Hindi is the study of the materials that make up our bodies and everything in the world around us. It is important because everything you do is Hindi. You can download HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus in PDF format. The HSSLIVE Hindi syllabus for class 11 is also available on the hsslive.in the website for free.

How to download HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus

  • Visit our website - hsslive.co.in
  • Click on the "Study Notes".
  • Look for your "HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus".
  • Now download or read the HSSLIVE Hindi Plus One Syllabus.

Higher Secondary First Year (Plus One) Hindi Course Book

Hindi Course Book consists of 4 units. Each unit contains 3 - 4 lessons from prose, poem, drama etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Short Story, Poem, Letter and Drama. This unit motivates learners to be emphatic with their surroundings, reviews ancient poems, realizes the responsibilities of being an ideal citizen, develops patriotism.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend short stories, drafting Right Information Letters, character sketches, critical appreciation of poems etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Couplets, Film Analysis, Editorial, and Poem.
In unit II Couplets of Kabirdas spreads good thoughts and realizes the ethics of life, watches and analysis films critically, develops vocabulary, realizes and reacts against problems in society, leads our society towards the right path, finds their own solutions, motivates to dream high.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend couplets, analysis and reviews films in different languages, writes Editorials in various subjects, critical appreciation of poems etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Essay, Poem, Translation, and Story.
This unit motivates learners to think positively, upholds the significance of values and attitudes in life, enables self-realization, translation from English to Hindi, the realization of the sorrow of working society, being sensitive towards society, participation in debate etc.
Activities on focus: Writes essays in different topics, read and appreciate twentieth-century poems, translates passages from English to Hindi, character sketches, conversation based on stories, precise writing, drafting letters, writes advertisements etc.

There are three lessons in this unit. The story, IT Terminology, and Poem.
This unit motivates learners to realizes their mistakes and repent over it, familiarizes with terms related to IT, develops vocabulary, read and appreciate twenty-first-century poems.
Activities on focus: Character sketches, drafting letters, precise writing, and conversation based on stories translate words, seminar reports, read and appreciate twentieth-century poems etc.



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