HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus - Download HSS Live Plus Two Hindi Syllabus PDF

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus - Download HSS Live Plus Two Hindi Syllabus PDF

HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus - Clearing Class 12 with good scores is a must to ensure that you get into a college/university of your choice. The importance of class 12 marks is enormous as it is the final year of your schooling and the scores are going to stay with you forever. It is thereby necessary to ensure that dedicated effort and time is spent in strategizing how to make the best out of your study time and score good grades. If you have taken science as the stream of your choice, then Hindi is an integral part of the syllabus.

Needless to say, the HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus is vast and requires concentrated effort and a good understanding of the concepts to do well in the exams. The HSS LIVE Plus Two Hindi syllabus is divided into two parts, the theory part that has 70% weightage and practical’s for the remaining 30%. In order to plan your preparation, you need to have a good grasp over the syllabus, and that is where the latest syllabus of Hindi class 12 Kerala board available on our website will assist you.

HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus

The HSSLIVE Hindi syllabus for class 12 free PDF download available on the hsslive.in the website is detailed and lists down all the topics covered under each unit on the subject. To provide an overview, a list of all the units along with the number of periods required to teach them and the marks that they constitute is given in the beginning. This acts as a quick reference for students who want to go through the hsslive plus two Hindi syllabus at an overall level. The theory section and the complete break-up of the practical syllabus are also provided. We have included a list of suggested topics for the project work that needs to be done as a part of the curriculum. For the help of visually impaired students, we have also included the evaluation scheme of practical examination followed for them. Kerala Board class 12 Hindi syllabus PDF 2019-2020 can be downloaded by any student for free of cost at any time.

How to download HSS LIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus

  • Visit our website - hsslive.co.in
  • Click on the "Study Notes".
  • Look for your "HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus".
  • Now download or read the HSSLIVE Hindi Plus Two Syllabus. 

Higher Secondary Second Year(Plus Two) Hindi Course Book

Hindi Course Book consists of 4 units. Each unit contains 3 - 4 lessons from prose, poem, drama etc.

There are three lessons in this unit. The poem, Reply Letter, and Speech
This unit motivates patriotism, teaches the values of being Independent, enhances love and affection among family, stresses the need to develop self-confidence.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend poem, writes its critical summary, Character sketches, drafting letters in different situations, precis writing, Speech, writing conversations, diary, autobiography etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Travelogue, Poem, Film Song, Technical Terminology.
This unit explores the importance of traveling, familiarizes entertainment in different places, realizes and experiences the importance of teaching Hindi and its role as a Universal language, familiarizes ancient poetry, realizes values of friendship, explains technical terms related to Science, Commerce, and Humanities.
Activities on focus: Writes travelogues, autobiographies, letters, and diaries, read and comprehend ancient poem, writes its critical summary, character sketches, translates different technical terms etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Auto-biography, Poem, Story, and Haiku.
The unit highlights the luxury related to marriage in Indian middle class, the responsibility of a son to his parents, the concept of freedom for women, the rights and privileges of women, motivates learners to dream high, familiarizes Japanese poem Haiku.
Activities on focus: Writes auto-biographies, diaries, drafting letters, read and comprehend poem and haiku, writes its critical summary, character sketches etc.

There are four lessons in this unit. Poem, Memory, Poem and Humor Short story.
The unit highlights the need of helping poor, develops helping mentality among learners, cultivates charity and hospitality, realizes working class and respects all kinds of jobs develops a sense of humor etc.
Activities on focus: Character Sketches, diaries, drafting letters, poem appreciation, writing conversation, precis writing etc.


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