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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How to get a visa for India?

Are you planning to visit India? You should go to India because it is really a nice place to visit. If you want to go to India, then first and foremost, you need a Visa. Now if you don't know what is visa. Let me tell you a visa is a legal permission to enter and stay in a country for various purposes. Firstly, if you need a Visa you need to tell them in what country you live because people of different countries can use different websites to apply for a visa for India. But the main procedure for getting a visa remains same.

Well, if you want to travel and love to travel then you need a visa. Going to India can be a really good choice for you because India is a vast country with diverse culture. Foreigners love to travel to India. India has always been tourist's favourite spot.

Well, to get a passport and visa for India is really easy. Indian tourist visa fee is also not very high. You just need some money and time to get a visa for India.

Getting a visa for India is neither easy nor difficult. It just needs time and patience. Here are the steps you can follow to get a visa for India.

1. You need to identify the type of visa you need. First and foremost you need to find out whether your visa should be an employment visa, tourist visa, business visa or any other type of visa. You need to find that out only then you will be able to get correct visa for India and fulfil your dream of travelling to India.

2. Your passport should not be very old. You need to make sure that your passport must be at least 180 days from the date when you plan to enter India. You need to renew your passport if it expires within next 6 years because passport is an important thing.

3. Visit the appropriate website. If you want to go to India as a tourist for 60 days or less then you would have to apply for an e tourist visa. Indian visa tourist apply online facility is available on its specific site.

4. Enter your information: You need to enter your specific information like date of birth, nationality, expected date of arrival, birth location, religion, visa type, name on your passport, passport information, etc.

5. Upload a digital photo: After adding all the required information you need to upload an appropriate digital photo. The photograph must meet the requirement mentioned on the form.

6. Select an appointment date: After that you will have to select an appointment date with the Indian mission.

7. Pay the fee: The most important thing that you need to do is pay your fee for your visa which is very necessary if you want to travel to India and get a visa to do the same. If you won't pay you will definitely not get any visa.

8. Print out the application: The lady and the most important thing that you need to do is print out the application. And you have got your visa.

So, apply for the Indian tourist visa and get going!

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