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Monday, November 11, 2019

Open Book Examination - HSSLIVE

Open book examination tests your ability to find and apply information and knowledge so often used in subjects giving special reference to published materials like statistics and law statutes and even acts of parliament. The examination allows you to take notes from texts or resource materials in an examination. Open book examinations are identified in two different forms :
  • Age old tradition of sitting for a limited time examination with access to resources and references.
  • Open book examination written at home. Questions are attempted and answers written without any help from anybody and are completed within a specific period of time.
The materials used for open book examinations may vary from time to time. It can be done by restricting the type of materials like formula sheets and number sheets or by totally unrestricting the quantum of materials. The materials can be notes, reading materials, reference materials or text books or equipments like calculators or drafting tools. Materials used in the take home examinations are usually unrestricted. What kind of materials can be used depends upon your guides or lecturers. The major criteria of selecting materials should be that they should be your work and must be attempted without any help from others. All you have to know how to convert SGPA to CGPA.

Open book examinations test is for more than note learning. By simply memorizing and keeping the information in mind is not enough to get good marks in the university level of education. Higher education gives you sufficient exposure and keeps you abreast of intellectual abilities and skills. It helps you to test your ability and skills and supports you to quickly find the relevant information out and make you understand, analyze and ponder over the information carefully, systematically and critically.

Open book examinations is not supposed to test your memory power rather they help you test your ability to find out the information for solving the problems and to deliver well presented and well organized arguments and solutions. Open book examinations normally ask your ability and to use your knowledge and intelligence to write essay type questions and also involve delivering or solving solutions. The questions depend on the school setting the examination or the faculty as it requires in the law. Although the questions are set up based on a hypothetically constructed fact situation which is the focal point of discussions but the actual point is to run the topic with sufficient solutions.

Open book examination is not as easy as you think. Comprehensive and thorough knowledge is required to understand the questions and to prepare for its answers and not just to copy from the text book information. For examination if you have read a text book or note you just cannot answer wrongly if you cannot really remember the formula or answer by just getting the facts correct won’t bring in good results. In the open book examination it is simply apply of mind and information as correctly as possible and that is most important.

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Sometimes we are of the opinion that open book examinations do not require studies. This is absolutely wrong. It is like another examination and requires in-depth studies. Having plenty of reference books and notes can take you to the impression that you should not have read of memorize the materials but you have to careful to apply your mind and brain to apply these effectively. This means that you have to be very conversant with the materials of studies and its references and also have to understand properly so that you can apply them as and when it required. The open book examination means that you have to find the answer quickly and correctly and if the books and materials are not properly read, you won’t be able to answer.

The answers of the open book examination cannot be written by copying out from the text books directly because it is plagiarism. In the open book examination the resource materials are with you but you have organize these in your own and express them differently and not to reproduce them.

The more resource materials you have to read, the better your chances of getting good results. Collecting heap of books won’t necessarily help you to get good results if you don’t have sufficient time to read all of them. So be careful about your selection of study materials for reference.


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