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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Plus One/Plus Two Malayalam Chapter Notes - Download Kerala Class 11 & 12 Malayalam Notes PDF

Plus One/Plus Two Malayalam Chapter Notes - Here are the study notes for each lesson for Higher Secondary and First Year Malayalam (Part II). Shri Dilip Krishnan, Government Higher Secondary School, Kayakumulam, Dr.Vijesh Perumkulam, Government HSS LIVE, Kotarkar, Dr. P. Suresh, Athlon HSS, Sriraju MR, Govind HSS, Kapil, Sri Lipip PK, St. Alloys HSS, Elthurath, Shri.BJU KP, Kasargod, and Shri Avi Satish, Government HSS, Kannur to help Higher secondary students The One / Plus to Part II prepared the Malayalam Study Notes Unit Unit. Students can take advantage of the following link to download higher secondary study notes for their exam preparation.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

HSSLive Time Table 2020: Higher Secondary March Exam Plus One & Plus Two Time Table

Hsslive Time table

HSSLive Time Table 2019: Plus Two & Plus One Time Table Download

Update: The Hsslive Time table for Higher secondary Second Term(Mid Term) exams published.

Hsslive Plus Two Time Table | Hsslive Plus One Time Table

HSSLIVE Time Table 2019: Kerala Board has released a time table for Plus One and PLus Two candidates. Those candidates appeared for the Kerala Board 2019 Exam check their exam time table at hsslive.co.in. Kerala Board exam starts from the 10.03.2020. Also get the Kerala Board Plus Two Exam Time Table PDF free here. Kerala Board official website is keralapareekshabavan.in.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Open Book Examination - HSSLIVE

Open book examination tests your ability to find and apply information and knowledge so often used in subjects giving special reference to published materials like statistics and law statutes and even acts of parliament. The examination allows you to take notes from texts or resource materials in an examination. Open book examinations are identified in two different forms :
  • Age old tradition of sitting for a limited time examination with access to resources and references.
  • Open book examination written at home. Questions are attempted and answers written without any help from anybody and are completed within a specific period of time.
The materials used for open book examinations may vary from time to time. It can be done by restricting the type of materials like formula sheets and number sheets or by totally unrestricting the quantum of materials. The materials can be notes, reading materials, reference materials or text books or equipments like calculators or drafting tools. Materials used in the take home examinations are usually unrestricted. What kind of materials can be used depends upon your guides or lecturers. The major criteria of selecting materials should be that they should be your work and must be attempted without any help from others. All you have to know how to convert SGPA to CGPA.

Open book examinations test is for more than note learning. By simply memorizing and keeping the information in mind is not enough to get good marks in the university level of education. Higher education gives you sufficient exposure and keeps you abreast of intellectual abilities and skills. It helps you to test your ability and skills and supports you to quickly find the relevant information out and make you understand, analyze and ponder over the information carefully, systematically and critically.

Open book examinations is not supposed to test your memory power rather they help you test your ability to find out the information for solving the problems and to deliver well presented and well organized arguments and solutions. Open book examinations normally ask your ability and to use your knowledge and intelligence to write essay type questions and also involve delivering or solving solutions. The questions depend on the school setting the examination or the faculty as it requires in the law. Although the questions are set up based on a hypothetically constructed fact situation which is the focal point of discussions but the actual point is to run the topic with sufficient solutions.

Open book examination is not as easy as you think. Comprehensive and thorough knowledge is required to understand the questions and to prepare for its answers and not just to copy from the text book information. For examination if you have read a text book or note you just cannot answer wrongly if you cannot really remember the formula or answer by just getting the facts correct won’t bring in good results. In the open book examination it is simply apply of mind and information as correctly as possible and that is most important.

Sometimes we are of the opinion that open book examinations do not require studies. This is absolutely wrong. It is like another examination and requires in-depth studies. Having plenty of reference books and notes can take you to the impression that you should not have read of memorize the materials but you have to careful to apply your mind and brain to apply these effectively. This means that you have to be very conversant with the materials of studies and its references and also have to understand properly so that you can apply them as and when it required. The open book examination means that you have to find the answer quickly and correctly and if the books and materials are not properly read, you won’t be able to answer.

The answers of the open book examination cannot be written by copying out from the text books directly because it is plagiarism. In the open book examination the resource materials are with you but you have organize these in your own and express them differently and not to reproduce them.

The more resource materials you have to read, the better your chances of getting good results. Collecting heap of books won’t necessarily help you to get good results if you don’t have sufficient time to read all of them. So be careful about your selection of study materials for reference.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Test Your Knowledge for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - HSSLIVE

With the ongoing rat race for success, students in the higher secondary level are undoubtedly becoming more serious about their career choices and the necessary preparation for the same. A large section of students from the science background intends to pursue medicine after their higher secondary examination. For this purpose, such students must clear the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Being a national-level examination, NEET requires in-depth preparation and a lot of practice to secure good ranks and in turn, admissions into the best medical institutions of the country. Simple pedantic knowledge of the syllabus is not enough. The students require critical knowledge about important concepts and practical applications of the same. A clear concept and practical knowledge are what allows a student to have the edge over his fellow competitors in the cut-throat competition to secure good ranks.

It must be borne in mind that the mere completion of the syllabus is not enough to wholly prepare for the NEET examination. The examination demands a comprehensive understanding of the topics in each subject and practical application of the concepts to problems. Mere bookish knowledge of topics is not enough for students to clear the national-level NEET exam with good ranks. The NEET examination demands rigorous preparation and a clear understanding of foundational concepts from a practical point of view.

As the NEET examination is a national-level exam, the students must be subjected to a comparative analysis of their strengths and weaknesses concerning the topics. With only limited seats available in the premier medical institutions of the country, the students from all across the country leave no stone unturned to prepare for the NEET exam in the best possible way. With so many fellow competitors relentlessly working towards securing a place in the limited number of seats, students must test their knowledge about the various topics in the syllabus and also assess their position with respect to others appearing for the same examination.

ALLEN to the Rescue

This is where the online test series by Allen comes in handy. The online test series by Allen is a series of tests on various topics and AIIMS sample papers in the NEET syllabus. After completing each topic, the students can take a test to assess their grasp on that particular topic, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Taking online tests ensures that students acquire sufficient problem-solving skills and also time-management skills. These skills are a must-have while appearing for the all-India NEET examination.

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The tests are prepared by expert faculty members who have knowledge and years of experience in their respective fields. The tests are prepared strategically to ensure that the students taking the test can assess their strengths, weaknesses, clarity of foundational concepts, problem-solving skills, and time-management skills. Important papers such as AIIMS sample papers are taken into consideration while preparing the tests to ensure that the students are prepared to tackle problems given by the premier medical institutes in their entrance examinations. An engaging examination content spikes the interest of the students and challenges them to take up the tests to determine their grasp on topics. The innovative preparation methodology for these tests encourages students to perfect their knowledge on the various topics in the syllabus for the medical examination.

The online test series by Allen provides multiple analytical performance reports with an interactive dashboard. These comprehensive reports provide an in-depth analysis of the students’ strengths, weaknesses, and necessary focus-areas. These reports also compare the student’s performance with other people from all across the country who take these tests. In this way, the students are well aware of where they stand on a national level based on their test reports. This is extremely important, considering that the NEET examination has thousands of competitors working towards securing the limited number of seats available.

The online test series boasts of an interactive and easy student support system where the students are free to reach out whenever they face any issue with the test series. The test series helps the medical aspirants to take full advantage of e-learning and subject themselves to the best online assessment platform. The online tests not only help students determine their grasp on the subjects, but also the areas where they need to lay more focus. The tests compare and contrast the students’ preparation level with respect to fellow NEET examination aspirants who take the tests.

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How Talent Search Exams Help Students to be Competitive - HSSLIVE

Talent search examinations held by many schools and various academic institutions are an excellent opportunity for gifted students to be challenged. These examinations motivate students to study harder, receive benefits in the form of scholarships and get recognition on national levels. Many talent search program for students, select some of the top students who clear the exam to be mentored by top coaching institutes. These coaching classes would help the students not only to understand their worth but also the bright students who are from economically weak background to nurture their talent.

Various talent search programs for students across the country encourage children from schools across the country to participate in their examinations and provide them with access to unlimited study material. These study materials are not only helpful for their curriculum but also for the competitive exams that you would need to appear later in their lives. The academically talented students get a chance to meet and interact with other bright students and share knowledge. The interactions among the students help them gain insights, understand, and respect other people's opinions on different matters. This way, not only do they turn out to be great academic performers but also a respectful human being, as they learn to respect other people's views from a young age.

These talent search programs for students provide them with various resources like online study material, mock quizzes, contests, and different programs. Along with receiving scholarships and awards, they also get a chance to evaluate their potential for different competitive exams to get into college. The candidates who clear some of these talent search examinations get scholarships from the central government, various organizations to pursue study in science and social science up to doctorate level. It is specifically helpful for talented students from the economically weaker section who wants to pursue their dream.

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Many organizations and government institutions that conduct the talent search exams team up with various renowned engineering institutes, or even defense academy sometimes. Adding the achievement of being a talent search scholar in the resume could be another advantage. The interviewers would know that you are well aware of the responsibilities, seeing as you take them seriously enough to clear a national level talent search exam at a young age. The title of being a talent search examination scholar does not only looks good on a resume, but it also helps you secure a position in government jobs.

Candidates who clear the talent search programs for the students are also eligible for a discount on books and course materials throughout the college. The organizations conducting the exams also provide the candidates with difficult challenges so that the students are prepared for any upcoming exams. The materials provided for the students who clear the talent search examinations are not available at any other platform. These course materials are designed and compiled by experienced professionals from top colleges and institutions around the country.

Online activity guides available for talented students can help solve problems, understand the approach to solve with accuracy and speed. Since in most of the examinations, the questions paper needs to be solved in a limited amount of time. Practice sets provided for the talent search scholars includes questions that require to be solved within a certain amount of time. From assisting with college applications to career preparation, talent search examination organizers help students with every step.

The courses by the organizers also include group counseling, group discussion, leadership development, etc. Getting into a job you have always wanted is easy. However, being a leader is not so easy. You need to have leadership qualities to ensure smooth sailing of the team working under you. With leadership training from professionals, students are turned from being an ordinary person to outstanding performers. The group discussions encourage them to share ideas with students who are as talented as them, discuss different social problems, and share their views and suggestions on what could be a potential solution for those problems. These group discussions are a great way to prepare the students to face interview group discussions when they appear for a job.

There are also chances for the topper of these examinations to attend top universities overseas. The scholars are given top priority in both government and private sectors job. To provide talented students with better opportunities, scholarships to pursue their higher study dreams, have a broader perspective on different situations and gather knowledge with some other top students, talent search programs have always been helpful. These programs choose the brightest students from a lot, instead of picking just anyone to provide them with scholarships and other materials for a bright future.

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Tips to Make the Best Out of Your Coaching Classes - HSSLIVE

Do you want to become a doctor and serve society? Have you been working hard to crack the seat in the top medical colleges across India? Then, the first thing you need to do is to choose the best NEET coaching center in Chennai. The coaching center faculty will prepare you for the examination and secure a good rank. With the increase in competitiveness, there are many institutes been mushrooming now and then. Every institute claims to be the best in the market. However, before joining, you need to check the ranks that the institute has achieved and meet the students who were already being trained in this institute to learn about the institute thoroughly.

NEET is the joint entrance examination that is given for admission in the top medical colleges across India. It is difficult to crack this exam and get a seat in the government medical colleges. Even if you have joined a coaching institute, and you also need to follow a few tips that help you to handle the pressure and secure a good rank in the examination despite colossal competition.

  • Set a schedule to study: As the coaching centers give you the syllabus for NEET, you need to prepare a timetable accordingly. You need to follow the schedule you have made stringently to prepare for the NEET examination. The plan will help you to manage the time efficiently. By developing the schedule of what has to be done every day will help you to prioritize the tasks with ease. 
  • Complete the entire syllabus from time to time: You need to study for the examination every day and complete the curriculum without procrastination. This gives you ample time to revise the entire syllabus once again at the end. You need to study the chapters that are taught in the classroom back at home. This is how you can keep up the pace with what happens in the classroom. You also get a chance to clarify all your doubts from time to time without keeping them pending. The faculty in the best coaching centers will give you time to get all the doubts clarified.
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  • Revise the syllabus regularly: Revision is critical before a month of the exams. The more you revise, the more you remember what you have learned in the classroom. You need to keep on revising the chapters, time and again, so that the concepts get imprinted in your mind. The best time to review the section is early in the morning since the mind will be fresh during that time.
  • Prepare essential notes: You need to make a note of all the critical points that you have gathered from the NEET books and study material in one place so that you can revise it with ease. You do not need to refer to the books and material, again and again, thus saving a lot of your valuable time and effort.
  • Take mock tests: Taking the mock tests regularly, helps you to learn the areas of improvement. This also assesses your knowledge and gives a clear cut insight into the pattern of the examination. By solving the problems in a short time helps you to boost accuracy and speed. When you give the actual test, you can solve the problems quickly and spend more time on complicated problems. You also need to solve the previous year papers for practice. The mock test will help you analyze the performance. This helps you to know how much you understood and what are the areas on which you are required to work. You can focus more on the weak areas and become better. 
  • Do not leave any topics or chapters that are not so important: You cannot predict from which topic and chapter the question will be asked in the exam. You need to focus on all the topics though the topic is found to be unimportant. There are times where an easy question will be asked from the trivial topics. You cannot take a chance on this. When you are studying any complicated chapter, you do not need to complete it at one go; instead, take time to understand the concept thoroughly. You need to study every day rather than studying the entire syllabus in a short time. 
Join the coaching center to increase the chances of cracking NEET: If you have not joined the coaching center, you need to find the best NEET coaching center in Chennai and join. This gives you a lot of exposure to quality teaching as you learn about the questions that frequent in the exam. This also boosts the confidence levels to crack the example, in the first attempt.

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How Can I Renew my District Merit Scholarship?

How Can I Renew my District Merit Scholarship?
How to Renew your District Merit Scholarship Scheme online?

Candidates just need to follow these simple steps to renew their District Merit Scholarship Scheme online. The renewal process is very easy and can be done with the help of the internet and a laptop or even on a mobile phone.

How Can I Renew my District Merit Scholarship Scheme?

  1. Visit the official website of www.dcescholarship.kerala.gov.in.
  2. While on the dcescholarhsip.kerala.gov.in website Click on "4. District Merit Scholarship(DMS)".
  3. On selecting the District Merit Scholarship: more options will pop up on right side like: Apply online, Instructions and Renewal.
  4. Click on Renewal to renew your DMS Scheme.
  5. On clicking renewal a page will open up asking for candidate's details such as Scholarship Type, State, District, Institution Type, Scholarship awarded institution name, Scholarship awarded year, Name of the student, Date of birth, Registration ID.
  6. Fill the details and submit the form to complete your renewal of District Merit Scholarship Scheme.

FAQs Related to Renewal of District Merit Scholarship Scheme

Q. No.1 : How can I apply online for Scholarship ?
Answer: In order to apply online Please visit the website through URL

Q. No.2 : What is the last date for submitting applications online?
Answer:Please see the notifications for corresponding scholarship. Also click on the scholarship, which gives the start and end date for online registration.

Q. No. 3 : Can I edit the information already saved and up to what time?
Answer:: Allows the candidate to edit his/ her personal details related to Online Registration. This feature has restrictions if the application is verified by the Institution.

Q. No.4 : Which fields in the application form are mandatory?
Answer:Fields provided with red asterisk mark are mandatory fields

Q. No. 5 What happens, if I detect mistakes after forwarding the applications to the institutes?
Answer:You should intimate the institution regarding the mistakes. The institution can revert the verification status, which allows you to edit the details. Correct the details, take the print out and resubmit the print out to the institution for online verification.

Q. No. 6 : What is Registration ID number
Answer:This will facilitate to authenticate your Identity and will help in avoiding duplication

Q No.7 : Can I apply one or more scholarship
Answer:yes, you can apply one or more scholarship

Q. No8: What should I do, if I do not find my institute name in the drop- down menu?
Answer:You should immediately approach the institute to contact Scholarship Office .

Q. No.9 : What is to be done after submitting the online application ?
Answer:After submitting the application online, you should take a print out of the application, sign and submit it with requisite/supporting documents to your institution.

Q. No. 10 : How to check the status of my application?
Answer:By logging-in with your registration Id ,date of birth and password you can check the status of your application anytime. In the home page, ‘Registered students list’ link also provides the status of your application.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

HSSLIVE Economics Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers - HSS LIVE Economics Class 12 Paper

HSSLIVE Economics Plus Two Previous Year Question Papers - If the Queen’s language has you worried and in a tizzy, you can now rest your mind since HSSLIVE now brings Kerala Board class 12 Economics previous year question papers with solutions. Our Economics language solutions are known to reduce all your worries about the subject. As a student, you will need to put in untiring efforts and a lot of dedication, if you are keen on scoring exceptionally well during your class 12 exams. Once you understand which topics are important and know the focus areas, the rest can be managed by answering HSSLIVE class 12 Economics previous years solved question papers on a regular basis. This will give you the confidence to face any challenge thrown at you as you are clear about the pattern and topics asked frequently. HSSLIVE is a wonderful resource for all those students who aim to reach the top through smart work and efforts. You can easily download hss live plus two Economics question papers of the related subject and practice until you achieve perfection.

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HSSLIVE Computer Science 2019 - Plus One / Plus Two (XI/XII) Computer Science Notes

Study Notes and Mock Test Tool of Higher Secondary Plus one and Plus Two Computer Science  prepared by Anish Kumar and Joy John, St.Josephs HSS, Thiruvananthapuram published. Expecting these materials,which have grown up to the status of support and guide, could be utilized by the learning and teaching community. Study materials will be updated on receipt. HSSLIVE Plus Two Computer Science Notes and Mock Test Tool can be downloaded from the following links.

HSSLIVE Economics Plus One Syllabus - Download HSS Live Plus One Economics Syllabus PDF

HSSLIVE Economics Plus One Syllabus - Kerala Board Class 11 Economics Syllabus 2019-2020. Download the latest syllabus to do your studies as per the latest guidelines issued by Kerala Board. The HSSLIVE Economics Plus One syllabus, weightage of chapters, blueprint of question papers and the design of question papers are issued every year for the benefit of students. Access all syllabus for all subjects here.
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