Hsslive Plus One(+1) History Notes: Download History Notes Plus One PDF

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Hsslive Plus One(+1) History Notes: Download History Notes Plus One PDF

hsslive history plus one notes
Hsslive Plus One(+1) History Notes

HSSLIVE History Plus One Notes - Class 11th Summary for the chapters in History.  The summary helps to understand the story during the exams and especially during the revision period. Students are advised to just read the summary and not the whole chapter and try to memorize the chapter character and storyline. Here we include HSSLIVE History class 11 snapshots chapters summary and class 11 History hornbill chapters summary.

HSSLIVE Plus One History Notes

Higher Secondary second-year History study notes and presentation slides for each chapter are given here. Sri.Sujith.K, HSST History, Govt Higher Secondary School, Chayoth, Kasargode, Sri.Satheesan P, HSST History, Govt HSS, Irikkur, Kannur, and Sri.Haridsan Naduvalath HSST History, Govt HSS Kottila, Kannur wins the pride and glory for accomplishing the toil of compiling the plus two History study notes and slides chapters to aid the Higher secondary students.

The study notes for Higher Secondary Plus Two in History prepared and posted in HSSLiVE.CO.IN has achieved an all-time record as well for extensive downloading.

Students and teachers can avail of the link below to download Higher Secondary Plus one History study notes and presentation files for their exam and classroom preparation.

HSSLIVE Plus One History Notes - Download PDF 

History is a widely popular subject in the world and in India too. When exams date is coming closer stress level is increasing. But don't worry we provide you with the best quick hss live plus one History notes. For your best preparations for exams. These HSSLIVE Class 11 History notes are prepared at HSSLIVE. You can download Kerala Board Revision Notes for class 11 History Core in our HSS LIVE website for free.

How to Download HSS LIVE History Plus One Notes? 

  1. Visit our website - hsslive.co.in
  2. Click on the "Study Notes".
  3. Look for your "HSS LIVE Plus One History Notes".
  4. Now download or read the HSSLIVE Plus One History Notes PDF. 

Plus One History Study Notes

1.From the Beginning of Time: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide-1 | Slide-2
2.Writing & City Life: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide-1 | Slide-2 | Slide-3(Malayalam)
3.An Empire Across Three Continents: Study Note | Objective Q& A | Slide-1 | Slide-2(Mal)
4.The Central Islamic Lands: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
5.Nomadic Empires: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
6.The Three Orders: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide-1 | Slide-2
7.Changing Cultural Traditions: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
8.Confrontation and Cultures: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
9.The Industrial Revolution: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
10.Displacing Indigenous Peoples: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
11.Path to Modernization: Study Note | Objective Q&A | Slide
11.Path to Modernization-Malayalam Study note by Sajeevan

Map Study

Map Study (All Chapters)

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