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Monday, June 3, 2019

Creating Instagram Ads That Convert

When it comes to Instagram, the number of users is increasing at an exponential rate and the need for creative Instagram ads is increasing as well to ensure the enhanced reach. If you are using the Instagram as a business platform and to use as a marketing medium, paid ads are a thing. So, if you need to know how to use the Instagram ads in an effective manner that ensures the conversion rate, we have added everything that you need to know.

Benefits of Using Instagram Ads For Increasing The Reach

There is no doubt in the fact that the user base of Instagram is increasing at an exponential rate and to be honest, it has been breaking the records of other social media platforms. According to the stats, there are one billion monthly active users and daily active user count reaches up to 500 million users. This shows that the growth opportunity is huge. So, let’s see what we have added as the benefits of usingfor Buy Instagram Followers;
  • Using the Instagram ads for the business helps to portray your business in front of the target audience. The majority of Instagram users are aged from 18 years old to 34 years old with a 50-50% gender ratio. So, your business will reach the majority of the population
  • There is a difference between Instagram ads and Facebook ads which include low competition on Instagram and the other one is that people use Instagram only on the mobile phone

Types of Ads On Instagram

There are basically two types of ads available on Instagram such as the stories ads and the feed ads. So, let’s see what the odds are!

Stories Ads

When you want to publish the ads on Instagram stories, the ads will have the dimensions of 1080 x 1920 pixels which are sure to cover the whole screen of the mobile phone. These ads are allocated in between the other stories seamlessly to ensure the portrayal of a natural story. These ads are beneficial because it allows the users to put keen attention to the ads and the components of the ad.
Moreover, when it comes to the budgets and finances, the ads in the stories are more economical and the ads are more efficient as compared to any other medium. The best thing about this ad is that it portrays a very native image.
Images & Videos – You need to choose the images and videos that are in-line with the business image and also comply with the Instagram metrics. However, make sure that you don’t use the already used images or videos as it doesn’t look that good and can pose a negative image
Adding The Links – It is very easy for the Instagram users to swipe right and left and if you are using the paid ads, there are high chances that they will never see the ad again. So, what you can do is add links in the stories so it makes sure that they know what your website or profile is like

Feed Ads

This is self-explainable as the ads will appear on the feed. There are several dimensional options available such as vertical, square, and landscape. However, it is advised to use the square pictures as it meets the standards set to buy InstagramLikes  and other prerequisites.
Call-To-Action – At the end of your caption, you need to write a catchy call to action statement which makes the target audience visit your profile. The suggested word count for the caption in 10 to 15 words so make sure it is in accordance and you will need to design the caption to resonate the meaning in the first sentence.

Video Ads

As per the stats, videos create more engagement as compared to the other formats such as the pictures and stories. So, you can easily add the captivating videos to create the engagement. The suggested timeline for the video ad is 60 seconds because if more than that, the conversion rate will be affected at great scale.

Some Tips

While you are creating ads for increasing the Instagram profile range, you can use the following tips to add value to the overall functionality;
  • Use different pictures, images, and videos for publishing ads on different social media platforms
  • When writing the captions for the ad, keep it limited
  • If possible, use audio captions for the ads
  • You can create a GIF to post as a video


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